Ben’s Universe Version 6

The Ben’s Universe website has been updated to version 6. The primary reason for this update was to migrate the website to a more modern framework for future updates. Previously, I updated the website manually, which made it difficult to make changes and add posts.

The primary goal for this “new” website is to publish some of my projects along with instructions and parts lists for them. This can range from modifications of existing electronics to things completely designed and built myself. I hope to create an archive of these projects so anyone can follow along without problems. Too often, I try to use guides on other websites, but broken links and deleted posts make it impossible to follow along in some cases. Because of this, I plan to include part numbers and material names in addition to external links. This will avoid potential issues arising from broken links in the future.

Please suggest improvements and report issues using the “Contact Administrator” link at the footer of each page.

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