MAF Sensor Replacement for Dodge Stealth/3000GT

While trying to diagnose an engine problem, I decided to replace the mass airflow sensor (MAF) on a 1993 Dodge Stealth. This guide explains each step to replace a MAF sensor; however, this particular car has a short ram intake installed. If your car doesn’t have this, you will first need to remove the stock air box and then start at step 2.


All that is needed for this job is a socket set, a hex wrench (Allen wrench) set, various screwdrivers (Phillips and Flathead), and a replacement MAF sensor. These sensors can be found on various sites such as RockAuto.

Where is the sensor?

The MAF sensor on the Dodge Stealth is located behind the passenger side headlight. It is connected to the car’s stock air box (or other air intake).

Location of MAF in the engine bay

Step 1: Remove the air filter

If you don’t have a short ram intake, you will need to remove the stock air box from the MAF sensor. On this car, simply loosening the hose connector with a screwdriver allows the air filter to easily slide out from the MAF sensor.

Remove the air filter

Step 2: Disconnect sensor clip

The large plastic clip needs to be disconnected from the MAF sensor. Since these clips are made of plastic, it is important to be careful when pulling these out. It should be attached firmly, but should come out with some force. Make sure to pull by the clip and not by the loose wires.

Disconnect plastic clip

Step 3: Remove mounting bolts

The MAF sensor is mounted to the car by two bolts on the side of the sensor (the side closest to the removed air filter). These bolts can be removed with a hex wrench and a socket relatively easily.

Step 4: Disconnect the outgoing hose

Loosen the hose connector from the other side of the MAF sensor with a screwdriver. The MAF can now be removed from the car. The fit between the sensor and the outgoing hose is very tight, so it may require some force to remove.

Step 5: Transfer air intake shroud


Old filter with shroud (left) and new filter (right)

In order to connect the air filter to the new MAF sensor, the hose connecting shroud must be moved from the old filter to the new one. To do this, the two bottom bolts can be removed, and the shroud should come loose.

At this point, it is a good idea to clean the gasket for the air intake shroud, as well as parts of the engine bay that are difficult to reach with the MAF sensor installed. After this is done, the new sensor can be installed.

Step 6: Install new sensor

The new sensor is inserted into the outgoing hose in the same orientation that the old one came out in. It should be a tight fit.

New sensor in place

At this point, the metal arms connecting the sensor to the frame of the car can be reinstalled, and the sensor can be plugged back in. The air filter can then be attached to the shroud, and after the second hose connector is tightened, the install should be complete!


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